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Faksimile Verlag was founded in Lucerne in Switzerland 43 years ago and since then has had a long and moving history – and from now on, exciting times ahead, which I am particularly looking forward to, as I have succeeded in taking over the facsimile business of Faksimile Verlag. Now two of the world‘s oldest Fine Art Facsimile publishers, Faksimile Verlag and Müller & Schindler, are in one hand, and their work will be continued in the usual quality and long-standing tradition.

For the first time, it is now possible to coordinate the programs of these two publishing companies in the interests of science and research, to make an optimized offer for the friends of medieval illuminated manuscripts, and to provide access to the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages in a contemporary form. 

The highest priority for us is the highest possible reproduction quality, perfect craftsmanship and intensive scientific work. In all these areas the possibilities of Faksimile Verlag and Müller & Schindler Publishers – founded in 1965 – are to be used together. You can experience that already: please have a look at the first new limited editions of Faksimile Verlag presented in this catalogue.

I am pleased to present to you these new publications of such important manuscripts as the Hours of the Flemish Masters from Cleveland, the Van Damme Hours and the Godescalc Gospels.

Enjoy a journey through 1000 years of book illumination with this catalogue, let yourself be inspired by our programme – and experience the proven quality of our unique editions!

Yours sincerely
Charlotte Kramer


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