Facsimile Challenge

Instagram and Facebook Facsimile Challenge: #facsimilechallenge

According to the motto “Facsimile Challenge” we start our photo challenge together with our partner publishing house, the Faksimile Verlag. The best photos are regularly published here on our website and on our social media channels.

Participation is easy:

  1. Choose a miniature from our portfolio (either from Verlag Müller & Schindler or from Faksimile Verlag)
  2. Re-create the scene!
  3. Share it with us on Instagram and/or Facebook using the hashtag #facsimilechallenge
  4. Tag additionally
    • in Instagram @faksimile_verlag, @verlag_mueller_und_schindler and/or @facsimile_challenge
    • in Facebook @ Verlag.Mueller.und.Schindler and/or @FaksimileVerlag

Alternatively, you can also send us your pictures by E-Mail!

You find the conditions of participation here.

Diana from “Christine de Pizan – 100 Images of Wisdom”
(fol. 26r; Epistre Othea)

Astronomer with his writer and a computist
from  “The Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle” (fol. 1v)

Angels singing TE DEUM LAUDAMUS
from “Hours of Catherine of Cleves“ (fol. 11)

Second Seal opened revealing the Second Horseman
from “The Berry-Apocalypse (fol. 11v; Rev. 6,3)

Minerva from “Christine de Pizan – 100 Images of Wisdom
(fol. 16v; Epistre Othea

Emilia, who rekindles the fire with her veil from “Franz von Retz: The Book of Wonders” (fol. 25; Defensorium Inviolatae)

The first two days of Creation
from “The Oxford Bible pictures”(fol. 1r; Genesis 1:1-8)

Third Seal opened revealing the Third Horseman
from “The Berry-Apocalypse(fol. 12v; Rev. 6,5)

Page from “The Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle”
(fol. 40)

Tucia carries water in a strainer from “Franz von Retz: The Book of Wonders” (fol. 15; Defensorium Inviolatae)

Dragon and Antichrist worshiped
from “The Berry-Apocalypse“ (fol. 42v; Rev. 13,3)

Christ clasps a sword in his mouth
from “The Berry-Apocalypse“(fol. 4v; Rev. 1,12-16)

Saint Barbara from „Hours of the Flemish Masters“
(fol. 191v)

The woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet
from “The Berry-Apocalypse“(fol. 65v; Rev. 17,1)

States of society – a craftsman’s family
by “Jean Bourdichon”

Portrait of Ezra
from “Codex Amiatinus” (fol. 5r)

Chi Rho monogram
from “Book of Kells” (fol. 34r)


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